freelancers vs. development company

5 Key Points to Pay Attention To When Choosing a Developer

When deciding to develop a mobile app or website you have to choose between development companies and freelancers. Both of them value their reputation and have professional skills. But there are some questions you should ask yourself before make the final choice.

Do Freelancers have the same Project Vision as you?

Freelancers. According to the Freelancer’s union, 1/3 of all working Americans are now self-employed. It means, that to find specialists with appropriate experience who will be also able to compose necessary set of documents is nor very simple. And the lack of experience of other freelancers often doesn’t allow them to see the whole project the way you need.


Companies. On the other hand, companies that have already completed many various projects are quite experienced to be proficient in many industries. They know what exactly you need, because every company starts the project with investigating your needs and preparing the full set of documents that states technical specifications.

Our client wanted us to finish a PC- and mobile-based game. The project has been started by freelancers some years before the client came to us.  After a while it became clear that our client and developers had different vision of the game.  As the game had a complicated gameplay, the main reason of such misunderstanding lied in the lack of documentation, where every aspect of the product is described.
It has been much easier for us to start developing the project from the very beginning, not using what have been done by freelancers. It means that out client has wasted time and money  when turning to unprofessional freelancers.

How complex the project is? Are Freelancers able to complete the project?

Freelancers. Freelancers specialize in a particular sphere: development, design, quality assurance, and etc. You have to look for several specialists to complete the whole project. But it takes time and there is risk to hire underskilled person.


Companies. At the same time companies have all specialists to deliver you properly working solution without additional worries from your side. Besides, companies are able to allot a dedicated team.  It means that this team will work only on your project, and won’t be engaged anywhere else while freelancers may working on several projects at the same time.

Do you have necessary Management and Technical Skills?

Freelancers. You have to spend much time communicating with freelancers directly. But you may not have required technical and management skills to control their results  and deadlines.


Companies. In contrast to freelancers companies have Project Managers who are responsible for the whole projects and guide the whole team by themselves. Project Managers provide you with reports on what’ve been already done for the projects.  That means that you can devote more time to your business.


A freelancer is a person who may deviate from the schedule, get sick, unexpectedly lose contact, etc., so there is absolutely no guarantee of meeting the planned delivery terms and getting the product done at all. – says Alex Bogdanovich, Head of XIM Automation Department.

 What is your budget? Are you going to pay twice?

When it comes to price you shouldn’t accept the cheapest offer, because low price often turns into poor quality.  As it has been described in the case above, to fix an existing product is much more expensive than to develop it from the scratch.


Freelancers. As a rule freelancers cost less than companies because they are just one person. Besides, they may not have necessary software or hardware to fulfill your project properly.


Companies. Companies can advise you on how to spend your budget more effectively. Experienced managers outline the most necessary features and techniques that mostly suit exactly your product. Companies also offer you an MPV projects – Minimum Viable Product. MPV projects have minimum necessary features to deploy the product.  It’s very important to outline these features and only proficient Project Manager can do this right. 

Do you want to have guarantees?

Freelancers. You have no guarantees that freelancers will be within easy reach in a year to implement new features or fix the product. 


Companies. While companies are fully responsible for the end product and may fix it promptly. They may also maintain and support the project for a long period.

A good freelancer would never let their customer down. Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that a freelancer is a single unit whereas a company can guarantee delivery of the highest quality product by having a team of engineers. So, if one employee fails, there will still be the rest of the team who can deliver the product as guaranteed. Therefore, teamwork guarantees delivery of the product in contradistinction to freelance. – says Alex Bogdanovich, Head of XIM Automation Department.

Do you care about privacy of your project idea?

The last but not least point to pay attention to is a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). While companies sign it without any reservation, freelancers often don’t want to do this. It means that your business idea isn’t secure and can be disclosed to third-parties.


Summarizing, freelancers are the best option if you have small task that requires professional skills in one particular field. But if your project is pretty big and consists of many stages of creation the right answer is a Development Company. The company provides you with full-circle development, from determining your requirements and preparing set of documents to testing and supporting the end product.