why do you need mobile app

5 Reasons to Go Mobile

Mobile Apps provide you with big opportunities for your business to stand out among the competitors and expand your customers’ base.


According to the latest research 2/3 of Americans have their own smartphones checking it more than 150 times per day.  That’s why smartphones have deeply seated in our everyday life and you shouldn’t miss the chance to use this opportunity for your business!
Let’s take a look at the most significant benefits of branded mobile app.


1. Engagement. Traditional PR and advertising campaigns are obtrusive and clients quickly get bored with them. But mobile apps are different – users download apps by themselves. Playing game people feel much emotions, that’s why mobile games provide users with higher level of engagement with your brand.


2. Loyalty. Passing a level, winning game, users feel positive emotions, that builds customers’ loyalty to your brand. A loyal client is one of the main business purposes.


3. New clients. Using branded mobile app you also attract new clients who used to make purchases online via their smartphone (for e-commerce). Mobile apps have an opportunity to share news, events, and achievements to social networks and among users’ friends. It a great way to promote your brand through word of mouth.


4. Additional Revenue. Mobile app monetization also brings your additional revenue. There are many ways to monetize your app: free or paid app, in-app purchases and advertisements, etc. Choosing the most suitable for your app way of monetization  will make it profitable.


5. Product Presentation. In a brand app you can show users special and distinctive features of your product or service in entertaining form. Presenting your brand in such way, you will grab more users’ attention and, consequently, enhance brand awareness.


There’s no doubt that tomorrow is with mobile technologies. Not only a solid company, but also a small business can afford a branded app.  Collaborating with us, you will find a trusted and experienced mobile app developer to bring your ideas to life.


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