Holiday checklist 2017: What to know about today’s mobile-first shoppers

How do you stand out from the crowd during this hyper-competitive holiday season? By giving today’s mobile-first consumers the shopping assistance they crave. With data showing consumers are more curious, more demanding, and more impatient than ever before, marketers should focus on four key trends to win holiday shoppers.

Shoppers are visiting stores with greater intent

More than ever, shoppers are researching on mobile to determine which stores they should visit to get what they need.

  • Mobile searches for “where to buy” (for, example, “where to buy ugly Christmas sweater”) grew more than 85% over the past two years.
  • Watch time of “store tour” videos on YouTube grew by more than 10x over the past two years.

Last-minute shoppers search more than ever

Today’s impatient and empowered consumers expect to be able to purchase seamlessly right up to Christmas Day.

  • In 2016, searches for “where to buy” peaked on Christmas Eve with searches like “where to buy Hatchimals”, “where to buy NES classic”, and “where to buy Cards Against Humanity”.
  •  Mobile searches for “store hours” peaked on Christmas day. It’s the highest day of the year for the search.

Shoppers want a personalized experience

Not only do holiday shoppers expect to do their research and find the answer on the go, they demand that those answers be super-relevant and tailored to their specific needs.

  • 49% of smartphone owners say they prefer to shop on a mobile site or app that recommends brands or products based on their past views, sales and purchases.
  • People are specifying who it is they need gifts for – be it “gifts for coworkers” or “gifts for hairdressers” – with the expectation that they’ll get the best results that are relevant to their needs. Mobile searches for “gifts” grew 50% from the first week in December to the week Of Christmas.

Shoppers turn to video to know what they’re getting

Holiday shoppers are research-obsessed. They want to explore a purchase from every angle. Video plays a huge role in that step of the journey.

  • “Shop with me” videos are soaring in popularity on mobile, growing more than 10x in watch time over the past two years.
  • The amount of time people have spent watching unboxing videos on their phones is the equivalent of watching the holiday classic “Love Actually” more than 2-million times.

Source: ThinkWithGoogle