how to be an app developer

How to be an app developer

Becoming an in-demand app developer requires more than just programming skills. You must also be proficient in coding, and possess several other key skills. Here, we outline some of these important skills you should learn to join the growing field of app development:

  1. Outstanding Programming Skills

Though not the only requirement, programming is by far the most important skills to learn to join this field. Companies are constantly seeking talented and passionate employees who are ready to challenge themselves with tasks of varying complexity.  To meet these needs, you must have a solid basis in this area and know the field from top to bottom.

The developer’s job is to write good, clean code. A simple way to figure out what your work should look like is to read the source code of other, successful projects. Understanding this will help you to find and fix bugs quickly, because employers also value your debugging skills.

  1. Willingness to Learn

As the world of technology is one of the most rapidly developing industries, you should always keep an eye on emerging techniques. Otherwise, your knowledge will be outdated within only a few years. Try to learn about the latest trends and strategies, and consider how to adopt them to improve your own skills. “How do you keep your skills up to date?” is a common question at job interviews.

“Being an outstanding app developer generally means that you enjoy using apps as a consumer as well. For instance, if you want to be a proficient game developer, you are likely a passionate game player.” – Arseniy Lebedev, Senior Developer

  1. Communications Skills

Apart from technological abilities, a proficient app developer should be communicative. Working for a company means to be a part of a team. You have to collaborate not only with developers but with managers, designers and sometimes even clients who want to know how the system works. Therefore, you should be able to convey your work in a manner that is understandable to those unacquainted with programming.

  1. Responsibility

This is one of the most essential qualities of programming professionals. Developers should always be a team player. They should be prepared to provide managers with at least a rough time estimation on given tasks and be respectful of deadlines. Of course, your estimation is never a commitment, but demonstrates that you are aware of these deadlines and that you are taking responsibility for fulfilling your tasks on time.

  1. Patience

For the IT industry, and especially for developers, patience is a good trait. Patient developers are able to analyze projects as a whole, and wait for efficient solutions to emerge during a program’s development. They are also more likely to automate processes and, therefore, save time in the long run.

In conclusion

There is no easy way to become a proficient programmer. Passion, patience and a diligent work style are essential parts of professional growth. Following these hints will help to improve your skills and will point you on the way to success.

This list includes several important characteristics   of a proficient app developer. But it is by no means a comprehensive one. What characteristics should a specialist possess? Share your thoughts.

“As for us we are more likely to hire developers who are also gamers for entertainment projects.”  – Alex Karazhan, Head of Mobile Development Department