how to become an app developer

How to become an app developer

When it comes to the choice of profession, becoming a mobile app developer is a good one! But, as with all decisions, the first question you face is “where to start?” We have outlined some of the essential steps you should take in order to become a mobile app developer.

Your strategy should be divided into three main parts: theory, practice and work.

Part I. Get an education

  1. Get a degree in Computer Science. The first step you should take is to learn the basics of programming. Frequently, this is best accomplished by earning a degree. It is not strictly required that you earn a degree, but it is frequently required by employers and will provide an important foundation for further development.
  2. Choose a specialization. There are several major mobile platforms today: Android, iOS and Windows. We advise you to choose one of them when starting your career as a mobile app developer. When you specialize in a certain platform, it allows you to become more focused and proficient in a certain area of the field. Once you have tackled your chosen specialization, you can branch out to other platforms or become a cross-platform developer.
  3. Take online courses help you to improve your skills. We strongly recommend that you use official online resources from Apple or Android to learn more about coding. Android Developers Training as well as iOS Dev Center offer the latest news and classes on programming on their respective platforms. There are also many other websites that provide a wide range of lessons from every level:
  1. Industry News and Events. The best way to stay up to date on IT trends and industry news is by following industry leaders and by attending conferences and other developers’ events (like hackathons). Here, you can gain practical knowledge and practice your skills. You can also meet and learn from specialists.

Part II.  Practice your skills.

  1. Create your own mobile application. Creating your own mobile app is a great way to practice and prove your skills. When applying for jobs, you should have a portfolio with some projects that can show your experience, knowledge and abilities.
  2. Here are some tips when developing an app:
  • Think about the concept: what kind of app it will be? What functions will it have? In order to answer these questions, consider what problems or inconveniences you have faced in everyday life.  Then you can map out an application that solves these issues.
  • Create a usable and appealing design: Users must understand intuitively how to use your application. Otherwise, they will turn to other apps for their daily use.
  • Partner with specialists in other fields: Collaboration with others allows you to create a better app by drawing on their expertise to fill in the gaps in your own experience.
  • Test your product: Test your app not only by yourself and your team, but give it also to your friends and relatives to try out.
  1. Apply for Internships. If you don’t have opportunities to develop an app on your own, apply for internships. This is another effective way to gain the experience you will need to become successful in your chosen career.

“Practice is the best teacher. Test every sample you see by yourself, and try to modify them to understand them better. Play with coding like it is a game, and be an artist.”  – Arseniy Lebedev, senior developer.

Part III. Look for a job

When applying for a job, be sure to subscribe to job listservs and frequently check job websites. You should also look at corporate websites, as you can sometimes apply to jobs directly on these sites. Be sure to list all of your relevant experience, and describe any projects with which you have been involved.

Be aware of the latest news and trends in the tech world as companies value those employees who are eager to improve their skills and knowledge. This will help you to stand out among other applicants.

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