website vs mobile app

How to Choose the Right Way to Become Mobile

When deciding to establish mobile presence for your business, you have to choose among native, cross-platform mobile apps and mobile website. The choice depends primarily on your goals. Our specialists have compared all the approaches.

Native Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Websites

  1. Great UX. In comparison to adaptive websites, mobile apps provide your clients with better user experience and extended functionality even using smartphone hardware (microphone, camera or geo-location tracking
  2. Available Offline. Mobile Apps are always under within easy reach and designed mainly to make clients use an app on regular basis.
  3. Interactivity. Native mobile apps are significantly more interactive than mobile websites. They can be used for hours, providing a high level of users’ engagement. They are more personalized than mobile website.  
  4. You can get comprehensive analytical reports about app users. Tracking the most significant KPIs you can adopt your app to your target audience, attracting more users and enhancing your revenue.

If you need to become mobile quickly, mobile websites can be the best option. But they are   just the first step for you in establishing a mobile presence.

Native Mobile Apps vs. Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

The next decision you have to make is to choose between native and cross-platform mobile apps. Native mobile apps are better due to following reasons:

  1. Smooth Performance. You can be sure for 100% that device will support your app and it will work correctly. Moreover, code runs much faster in the apps that are developed in a native to each ecosystem language. Thus, users experience smooth app performance.
  2. Quick integration of new features. It’s much easier to implement new features and upgrade native mobile app than cross-platform one.
  3. Easy problem solutions. If an app has some issues, it’s much easier to fix it using tools created specifically for Android or iOS. Developers don’t have to look for any third-party tools that should not work properly.
  4. Different users’ requirements. Android and iOS smartphones owners are used to different UX/UI conventions. Thus, requirements for mobile apps vary significantly. And it’s hard to satisfy needs of both users’ groups.

The only sphere where you can adopt cross-platform approach is game industry as there are good tools like Unity that helps developers to create high qualified applications.


The choice of developing mobile website or an app depends on your goals. If you need just to establish mobile presence and attract mobile audience, start with mobile website. But in order to engage people, to enhance users’ loyalty and to deliver interactive content, a native mobile app is required.

Whether you’re not sure what you need, feel free to contact us. We are ready to help you and deliver the right solution.