Quick Note: UX/UI Trends in 2018

Every year, trends in user interface design change. Some of the trends disappear; some are starting to gain popularity. Let’s take a look at how user interface design is predicted to look like in 2018.


 Let your website move. Use full-screen video on your homepage, animated type or GIFs.

Animation plays an important role in creating a positive user experience. It makes your website look more appealing. Besides, animation allows you to show necessary information quickly and enhance users’ involvement.


Typography will become a real trend in 2018. It helps to communicate with users in a more efficient way and make your website really good-looking. When combined with animation, typography will definitely enhance user experience.

Bright colors

Colors are significant tool for structuring websites, directing users and, in whole, making a good impression upon users.

Tendency to use bland and neutral color palettes fades away. Designers are predicted to be bolder with their use of color.

Patterns, shapes

This trend appeared in 2016 and continues to gain popularity. Flat design and material design are going along with simple shapes and patterns.

Unique photos and illustrations

Individual approach for visual content is gaining popularity. More than 60% of users believe that using unique pictures and photos on e-commerce website are decisive factor of a purchase. Uniqueness shows your exclusivity and expertise.


What are your predictions for web design in 2018?