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Tips: Which Platform You Should Choose First for Your Mobile App Development

When deciding to become mobile, you have to answer several questions. First of all, you have to choose among native, cross-platform mobile apps and mobile website. When you come to the conclusion that you need a native mobile app, the next question is “On which platform should I build my first app.” There is no definite answer but there are some factors that will help you to decide. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Who is your audience?

Statistics shows the difference between Android and iOS users. Android developers tend to create free apps with in-app purchases and advertisements because Android users live mostly in developing countries and in the lower income areas. The situation with iOS users is different. Most of iOS users live in countries with advances economies. That’s why mobile apps are paid.

How often are you going to update your app?

It’s important to think about frequency of updates because iOS has very strict rules not only for updating your app but also for publishing it. On the contrary, Android allows you to update your app frequently. Moreover, it takes less time before your app goes live on Google Play in comparison to iOS app store.

OS Version Discrepancies

More than 80% of iPhone owners use current OS version whereas Android’s Nougat has an adoption rate of 16% . That means that iOS developers can concentrate on building apps for newest OS version. In this case newer APIs are used and this reduces the time taken to test and develop the app.


In order to decide what app do you need, find out more about your target audience, its location and average income. Besides, think about future maintenance of the app, how often you’re planning to update your app. If you are planning to customize an element of the operating systems, then you have to choose Android platform.


iOS is a better choice when your target audience lives in developed countries. Besides, iOS ecosystem is more stable then Android, as there is no open licensing. If you aim to generate revenue using in-app purchases, then you should consider iOS app development first.


There are situations when you can’t choose between platforms and have to develop an app for both of them. For instance, enterprise apps are developed to be multi-platform in order not to miss a large circle of users. Moreover, cross-platform tools allows developers to create Android and iOS apps at the same time.


If you are not sure what platform you should choose, write us. We are always here to help you.