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Web Development Trends You Don’t Want to Miss in 2018. Part 2

Web development trends may change quickly. What was popular last year might not be hot trend in the next one. You always should keep that in mind. In previous post we have talked about progressive web apps, chat bots, single-page websites and push-notifications for them. Let’s look into three more important tendencies:

  • Switch from Flash to HTML,
  • Static websites, and
  • Motion UI

Flash to HTML

Flash is dying. It has been widely used for many years but today it’s incompatible with most mobile devices and is no longer be updated by Adobe. Instead of Flash it is better to switch to HTML5, which is becoming the most common format for digital content.

Static Websites

At the early stages of WWW evolution all the websites were static.  Then people learned to create dynamic websites.  Dynamic websites were more functional and more complicated in terms of development as they require communication with a server, which means that back-end development got involved. Thus, modern CMSs are dynamic websites.

Everything Should Be Made as Simple as Possible, But Not Simpler. Albert Einstein

In 2018 it is a tendency to simplicity, that’s why simple static websites are returning. But unlike static websites in the beginning of WWW, today they allow to combine the advantages of a static website and a CMS.


There are several reasons why static websites are back: they are faster, safer and cheaper. Besides,  they can satisfy the needs of different types of businesses. So, the prediction is obvious: static websites will experience a new reincarnation in 2018.

Motion UI

Simplicity doesn’t only regard the development. It also affects user interfaces. Users for many years have experienced flashed ads, vivid animations which they are already tired of.


Maximalistic UI gave place to moderate and minimalistic web design which allows you to bring style and live to your website without distracting and irritating users. Add animated headers, logos and charts,  background animations and modular scrolling to your website and it will look elegant.


Today is the world where you might not have an office but you must have a website. Your website must look modern and follow the latest trends in order to keep your old clients with you,  and attract new customers to your brands.


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