XIM Delivers, says Research Firm Clutch

We’re pleased to announce that Clutch, an American research, ratings a reviews firm, has highlighted XIM in their app and web development coverage for our ability to deliver high-quality solutions to our Worldwide clients.


After an internal assessment of our work, they interviewed our clients to gain more information about our projects, deliverables and client satisfaction.


One of our long-term clients, the CTO of Openwave Mobility said:


“From an overall management perspective, XIM is very transparent. They are responsive, and they’re easy to work with, too… The quality of XIM’s employees from a technical aptitude perspective is greater than anything we’ve seen with any of our other vendors, and that’s what lent us to being the long-term partner of theirs.”


He later added: “The challenges that we’ve had through the years, they have addressed openly and objectively and resolved them. That’s always a sign of a good partnership. They are very much customer-focused, and they commit the appropriate time for us at a management level as well.”


Another client, the owner of an apartment rental company agreed with his sentiment:


“XIM’s professionalism, reliability, and quality of work are outstanding. We’ve been working with XIM for a long time, and they’ve always delivered.”


A third client stated:

“XIM’s team is diverse in terms of expertise. They’re capable of understanding the product and business requirements as well as implementing them. They make you feel like a VIP client.”


We’re very humbled by the great things that our clients had to say about us. Take a look at our Clutch profile to read the full length reviews and learn more about Clutch’s evaluation process and categories they cover.