Android App Development

Android app developers: we build products that last

Enrich your business with Android applications

It is important to choose the proper platform for your new mobile application. Google’s platform, Android, one of the world’s most popular mobile operating systems, has several significant advantages. Our specialists are skilled in Java and Android’s free, open source system. Working with us, we will use these skills to provide you with the many opportunities afforded by a mobile application on the Android system:

    1. Cost-effective app development with high revenue: An Android app is a relatively low investment with few barriers to entry into the market. There is no licensing fee to create an Android app, and there are many extensions that allow for a speedy development process.
    2. Wide coverage of target audience: Thanks to a great variety of Android devices, the company commands more than 50% of the mobile market. With a mobile app on this platform, you will be able to reach a large circle of potential clients.
    3. Multiple ways to download an app. As Android markets are not limited to Google Play, you can use other channels to promote your mobile application. You can even create your own distribution channels, and link to an app on your website.

We create more than an app, we create an experience

When you choose Android application development for your business, you will receive a working solution that will increase your audience and ensure the growth of your business.

Here, we highlight some of the key advantages the Android platform can provide:

  1. Competitive pricing structure. Android development costs are relatively low, when compared to other platforms.
  2. Proven methodology. We use tools that are well-tested and proven to build reliable and bug-free mobile applications.
  3. Transparent management and seamless communications. Our company functions according to the “Agile methodology,” which promotes transparency and collaboration. At any point in the development process, we are happy to report on our progress.
  4. Support. We believe that our work does not end when your app is published in the market. As our product, we are ready to provide you with continuous promotion and optimization.

Start to drive your business with Android development

XIM, Inc., a San Francisco-based IT company, has proven experience in Android mobile development. We have been building mobile applications since the Operating System was created and have collected a diverse portfolio of successful products.

We cover a range of industries, from mobile games and other entertainment apps to polling services and mass media. We are happy to provide our expertise to companies in all industries.

At XIM, Inc., we value each of our clients. As an experienced Android development company, we can find the most appropriate solution for small agencies and big enterprises. We create programs that function on every type of device: cell phones, tablets or any other devices that use the Android platform.

We concentrate on delivering reliable and scalable mobile applications which help you reach your target audience. Contact us if you are looking for Android development services