Cross Platform App Development

Meaningful cross-platform app development: update your business

Cross Platform benefits that make sense

As a business owner, you hope to accomplish two main objectives with a mobile application:

  • Attract as many new clients as possible
  • Enhance your customers’ engagement rate with your brand in order to build a loyal audience

When deciding to create a mobile application, you should consider native or cross platform application development. Multiplatform apps are the best choice, as not everyone in your target audience uses the same platform. Cross platform development has its own advantages for businesses:

  1. A wide circle of potential clients. With a cross-platform mobile application, you can reach your target users on any platform, not limiting your reach to iOS, Android, Windows, or other platforms.
  2. Easy app promotion. Cross-platform mobile applications can be promoted on every platform. When an app becomes popular on one Operating System, the impact can then be carried over to other platforms without expensive marketing effort or additional costs. Moreover, access to a wide circle of potential users allows you to use different approaches and techniques to enhance your app revenue.
  3. Fast and cost-effective development. To build a cross-platform app you will need just one team of developers. This simplified process significantly decreases costs and speeds up the development process. Once published on the market, updating your application is also simple, and all the changes will be synced across all devices immediately.

Step forward with a mobile app

Taking into account all the advantages of cross-platform applications, it is clear that this strategy is a great way to become closer to your clients and to keep up with the rapidly developing world.

Our expertise covers many fields and types of mobile apps. Whether you belong to the Education or the Healthcare industry, our business analysts will determine what exactly you need to deliver your customers the best mobile or desktop experience. Our expertise allows us successfully develop cross platform applications for mobile phones, tablets and PCs.

Get closer to your audience and get noticed

XIM, Inc. is an outsourcing software development company with a primary focus on building mobile applications and games. One of the main services we provide is cross-platform development.

We believe that, big or small, every business has to have a mobile and web presence in order to reach all potential customers to not leave money on the table. We provide functional but simple solutions for as many platforms as you need.

Our team starts to work on your projects by determining your needs and requirements for the future product. Then, we outline our plan before beginning actual development. Once we begin the process, our designers create an appealing GUI that keeps users engaged with an application, our developers write clean, legible code, and our Quality Assuarance engineers carefully test the product to deliver you a smooth working solution.

Our main goal is to deliver not just an app, but a meaningful solution which you will benefit from. We value our reputation. That’s why we always keep an eye on market trends in order to build successful apps.

We are ready to offer you multiplatform development in order to help you to stand out among the competitors and gain a new great set of clients.