Game App Development

Game application development: play your business to a new level

Be aware of the development process

Mobile games are a very engaging tactic to keep existing clients and attract new audiences to your brand. Games are undoubtedly one of the most viral promotion tools for every business.

As professional game app developers, we at Xim, Inc. believe that our work should be transparent and clear. Our process of building an application is structured, and we strive to involve our clients in each stage of the development progress. Five key points of creating a mobile game app:

  1. Establishing your needs and requirements: We start with discussing the concept behind your game, business opportunities and how you envision the app in its entirety.
  2. Analysis. The next step is to analyze all relevant information, and use the results to create an outline of game functionality and mechanics. Then, we can strategize methods for monetization and begin to prepare the game for actual development.
  3. Creating excellent User Experience and attractive User Interface. We believe that a successful mobile game should look appealing and be intuitive. Our creative designers and artists do their best to make the app easy to use and understand.
  4. Clear code. Our proficient game app developers write clean code that can be easily expanded. We always utilize the most up-to-date technology to ensure that your game is compatible with new versions of mobile platforms
  5. Launching. Before launching a game on app markets, we carefully test it to make sure that we will deliver a high-quality application that will keep users playing for hours. When it comes time to launch, we manage the entire publishing process.

Entertainment and value

XIM, Inc. is a well-established mobile game development company based in San Francisco. We build beautiful game applications that help you to expand your business’ horizons and deliver additional value to your company.

We develop both native and cross-platform applications. All of our projects are rated 4 or more stars in app markets.

Our team consists of passionate specialists who love their work. We bring together professionals who specialize in stage of the development process. We provide a full range of game development services to produce a beautiful and successful mobile app.

Games are the best way to keep users and build a loyal audience because people like playing. As professional mobile game developers, we love challenges. We are always ready to help you to become mobile and enhance your business with a mobile app. Contacts us with your project or idea.