Windows App Development

Beneficial Windows mobile development: fast and valuable

Unique opportunities for business enhancement

Windows app development is a great opportunity to gain new customers and stand out among the competitors. In comparison to other mobile platforms, it has three unique advantages of development:

  1. Live apps. Live apps are a unique trait of Windows programs that allow apps to be integrated more quickly and easily into social services or digital wallets than apps on any other mobile platform. This capability also allows you to connect your app to more places to enhance the visibility of your solution.
  2. Low competition. Microsoft’s App Store is less competitive than other platforms. This makes it more likely that your will be featured. Many users will have access to it from the home page. The Microsoft App Store provides you with a great opportunity to promote your app.
  3. Fast development. Microsoft provides developers with many useful tools for building mobile apps. With these tools, the development process is faster while maintaining the same high levels of quality.

Reliable developers to invent your mobile strategy

XIM, Inc. is an U.S.-based outsourcing Windows mobile application development company with partners in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. This geographic coverage allows us to ensure you the most competitive pricing structure.

We have gathered together talented experts who are specialized in every stage of the development process. A dedicated, talented team of Windows mobile app developers, including talented UX researches creative UI designers, and attentive QA engineers, will work together to produce your product. Team members work under an experienced Project Manager who manages complete execution, from concept to final product. The entire process is designed to deliver you a high-performing mobile application.

Our approach to building mobile applications combines simplicity and functionality. We focus on your business strategy in order to deliver you an intuitive and purposeful solution. Be where your users are! Write to us if you are looking for a Windows mobile app development team. We are ready to discuss you project.