What makes us different

Experience and Reliability

We joined the market in 1994, and since then we have been engaged in multiple successful projects from their inception to release and completion. In gaming industry many of our products become successful leaders and well-known brands, such as Bubble Birds series, Magic Puzzles, Muffin Quest and many others. We know mobile business inside and out!



Our development process is always transparent, flexible and interactive. You can make changes during any stage of the development process. We are also happy to provide progress reports at any time.

Your own profit

We create more than just a product, we help to make your business process better and increase your revenue using mobile and web technologies. You will receive functional solutions which we can promote, support and maintain according to your needs.


Information security

We are a U.S.-based app development company. Therefore, we act under the protection of American Law and take full responsibility of project confidentiality. All of the information you provide is secure and will be never disclosed to third-parties.

We build functional solutions to make you stand out

We know the end users

To make the product successful from the start we define and examine the target audience for your product. We define the key features of a project to satisfy all the prospective needs of future users.

We focus on the Key Performance Indicators

From the very beginning, we outline the most important metrics for any given project. This targeted approach helps us to design the right product for your audience.

We are innovative with our solutions

Our team consists of creative and passionate specialists who love their work.  That’s why we are always aware of the latest trends in the technological world and are able to successfully apply them to the products we develop for you.

We always deliver

As professional application developers, we employ a fully comprehensive approach to our work that allows us to deliver the right solutions for you.

We provide a seamless development process, which is continuously managed by our project managers. Our company’s reputation is based on delivering quality solutions quickly, meeting all deadlines. You won’t have to worry about a thing!