IoT Development

Internet of Things: Upgrade Your Business with IoT Solutions

Leverage all the advantages of IoT

More and more devices are being added to the Internet of Things every day, automating our everyday activities and making our lives easier. IoT remains one of the most emerging markets for the past few years.

What is the IoT? It is the network of physical devices, vehicles,  buildings, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enable these objects to collect and exchange data.

Today Internet of Things solutions are implemented in many industries.

  1. Energy and water monitoring. By integrating IoT devices into energy consuming appliances, it’s easily to balance energy usage and to heat your home zones separately at most preferable temperature for each zone.  Automation of outdoor irrigation and indoor plumbing systems can reduce water consumption by up to hundreds of gallons each year.
  2. Building automation. IoT devices are perfect for monitoring and controlling electronic and mechanic systems to prevent fires, water leakage, etc.  and enhancing the comfort of building.
  3. Healthcare. For consumers, interest in quantifying personal health metrics is translating into demand for fitness tracking devices and smartwatches. Meanwhile, businesses sense the opportunities for harnessing health data from employees and patients to help drive efficiencies and enhance services related to healthcare.
  4. Transportation. IoT is helping to enable autonomous driving technology by allowing vehicle
    sensors to interact with their surrounding environments. Smart traffic management and vehicle tracking will make for optimized driving and walking routes, less congestion, and even easier parking.
  5. Manufacturing is leading the way with IoT, driven by the need of real-time information to optimize productivity